Choosing The Right Channel For Your Advertisements

Strategically grabbing the attention of your target audience is pivotal in effectively selling your product / service offerings; and this can only be achieved by leveraging the ideal medium that connects with their emotions directly or indirectly.

That is why Advertising is serious business; selecting the right channel requires prior research, understanding your business and the market mix, the volatility of your target audience and customers as well as industry and technology trends.

Here’s a list of some of the conventional advertising platforms:

Outdoor advertising

This category of advertising includes running ads through traditional and digital billboards. Transit also comes under this category. It has the capability to reach millions of Nigerians in the city given a specific time period. It is usually expensive but effective. Businesses that use this platform are usually not directed to a specific target market but to the general populace.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is one of the oldest platforms. It is cheaper than the Outdoor and Radio advertising and covers a particular set of people; of course, those that can read and write, and then other metrics can be used depending on the type of niche of the Print. Most businesses who use Print are usually targeting “Educated Users” in the middle/upper class…and/or the political elite.

TV Advertising

Tv ads are also one of the oldest, it is usually used to reach a vast network of individuals. It is best to use TV ads to reach audiences that might be interested in something similar to the content the TV airs at that point in time rather than something totally unrelated. For a multi-dimensional TV network, tailoring your ads to audiences of particular shows works perfectly. And TV ads rate are usually dependent on the particular TV in question: a very popular TV Station will charge more than a less popular one.


Radio broadcast is usually able to reach a large number of people, just like the Outdoor advertising. Radio ads are usually cheaper than Outdoor advertising. Large and small business make use of Radio. To define the kind of audience that might be listening to your ads, you might want to access the kind of content the radio shares.

The options are wide, and a brand must be careful when choosing any particular medium in order to know its limitations, monetary costs and if it is what the business really needs at that point in time.

With Advertising, consistency is more…and precision is king.

So which Medium should you use?

Well, that’s a good question, but the more important question is “Who do you want to reach?”

What’s their social class; educational status, profession and/or professional affiliations, religious and political inclinations and sentiments, age group, gender and hobbies, location, fears and beliefs?

Truth is, the more you know about your target, the more likely you’d reach them.

Advertising is like fishing; If you cast a net, even if it is the most expensive net, cast by the most experienced fishermen, if it isn’t in the right waters, it’ll all have been a waste of time and effort.


How to make your offline ads effective


As fast paced, connected and automated as the world is today, offline advertising is still in vogue and it as effective as it can be. Especially in Nigeria where over 100million of its 180+ million population are still offline. We have come up with a list of 5 things you can do to make your offline advertising more effective than what it currently is:

Speak the language on the street

Even if the queen’s english comes natural to you, unless you are targeting people like yourself, you should communicate in plain English; vernacular if you must. Speak in tongues: street tongues.

Know Your Niche

There are billboards everywhere, but doesn’t mean your ads can go up on all of them. Societies today are segmented even up to residential areas and work spaces. If your product is something you think the upper class can afford, don’t put it in the suburbs. That’s waste of money and your ad becomes ineffective. Make sure you are reaching your target market.

Be Simple

Don’t bombard your advertisements with various kinds of information; it is not a Notice Board. What do you want your audience to do? Most of them get to see those billboards or commercials for few seconds, take that opportunity and drive home your point. Simply and boldly communicate the information that will enhance actions.

Have An Online Component Of Your Offline Campaign

Find a balance between your offline campaign and your online campaign. Be as flexible as you can be. Don’t disregard offline campaigns because you feel the world has gone digital. Whatever you do offline, make sure there is an online version in order to compliment it and make it much more effective. If you have noticed, The top industry brands, no matter their level of online presence, they still make room for offline advertising. The world is digital, Google seems to be the power engine, but we still see them on our billboards and TV Screen.

Take a survey

To be sure your ads are working, ask new customers where they discovered you from. This will enable you focus on what’s working and cut down on what’s not. Get feedback also from existing customers on what can be improved on.



AdsDirect — The Future of Advertisements in Nigeria


According to a Statista data, 23.1 billion US dollars was spent on Advertising in the Middle East and Africa in 2016. $24.25bn has been projected to be spent this year and by year 2020, the figure should be well over $27.49bn.

This infers that advertising works. Every company wants to get “what they do” in front of the whole world without breaking a sweat. It is one of the reasons we wake up everyday and go to work, we want to work harder, so we can acquire larger percentages of the market share.

Like the saying goes, nothing good comes easy. Every industry has one challenge or the other and the the advertising industry is not left out. Few of such challenges include convenient placement of ads on desired platforms, price transparency, data availability and accessibility, and general process efficiency in the value delivery work-flow; both for agencies, advertisers and publishers.

It is a ton of issues especially when you consider the general lack of data in Africa, across sectors; well, lack of clean, accessible data.

At AdsDirect, we’ve decided to solve some of these problems for the different stakeholders in the value chain: from helping publishers list and automate sales of their ad inventory, to automating the agency workflow so agencies can keep delivering value at a fraction of their process costs today, we want to help every player in the value chain derive best value for their money and/or asset.

And we are not leaving any one out; whether you are a one-time advertiser looking for the best place to your ad e.g a newly wed, or a big spender looking to automate and track your media buying, we’ve got you covered. Well, we intend to have you covered, much of our work is in developing the rich repository of insights, and data that you require to make informed advertising decisions, whilst we provide the tools to ensure that you do not break a sweat in the process.

Of course, this is not all the scoop on the future of advertising, it is just the appetizer. Stick with us, we’ve got lots more for you.


How to be a productive ad executive

The Advertising and Marketing industry is a versatile one with lots of opportunities and potentials. The industry keeps evolving and comes with its own fair share of demands and attention especially if you are in a busy agency or deal with a handful number of clients.

We have come up with five key ways to remain productive and stay on top of your game.

  • Plan your tasks: The first thing about time management and staying productive is to plan the work you have to do. Set aside 15 minutes the night before or at the start of each day or to create a to-do list for your upcoming activities and to also prioritize the ones you think is important. Decide which day you think is best and commit to it. This will save you hours and increase your productivity.


  • Prioritize the important things: If you could only achieve one thing today, what will it be? Focus on the critical things you need to achieve when starting out your day.


  • Automate and delegate tasks: This is something we all are not really used to. As an advertiser you have to take advantage of automating processes and tasks, it saves you alot of time and effort. A very good example of what you could automate is your advert placement processes. Y using Adsdirect for your ad placement, most of your worry and stress is gone.


  • Buy Media the Smart Way: No need to chase media house reps to get quotes; simply log on to and you can compare rates from your favorite publishers, make purchases and track your publication…from the comfort of your internet enabled device.


  • Start now: However tasking and overwhelming your to-do lists are, you need to take a step to start now. It’s important to begin. For example, if you want to write a book, write one word on a piece of paper. Expand this one word into a sentence, then a paragraph, and before long you will complete the entire chapter. What steps can you take now? Don’t wait; do it!