AdsDirect — The Future of Advertisements in Nigeria


According to a Statista data, 23.1 billion US dollars was spent on Advertising in the Middle East and Africa in 2016. $24.25bn has been projected to be spent this year and by year 2020, the figure should be well over $27.49bn.

This infers that advertising works. Every company wants to get “what they do” in front of the whole world without breaking a sweat. It is one of the reasons we wake up everyday and go to work, we want to work harder, so we can acquire larger percentages of the market share.

Like the saying goes, nothing good comes easy. Every industry has one challenge or the other and the the advertising industry is not left out. Few of such challenges include convenient placement of ads on desired platforms, price transparency, data availability and accessibility, and general process efficiency in the value delivery work-flow; both for agencies, advertisers and publishers.

It is a ton of issues especially when you consider the general lack of data in Africa, across sectors; well, lack of clean, accessible data.

At AdsDirect, we’ve decided to solve some of these problems for the different stakeholders in the value chain: from helping publishers list and automate sales of their ad inventory, to automating the agency workflow so agencies can keep delivering value at a fraction of their process costs today, we want to help every player in the value chain derive best value for their money and/or asset.

And we are not leaving any one out; whether you are a one-time advertiser looking for the best place to your ad e.g a newly wed, or a big spender looking to automate and track your media buying, we’ve got you covered. Well, we intend to have you covered, much of our work is in developing the rich repository of insights, and data that you require to make informed advertising decisions, whilst we provide the tools to ensure that you do not break a sweat in the process.

Of course, this is not all the scoop on the future of advertising, it is just the appetizer. Stick with us, we’ve got lots more for you.